We're at the Philadelphia Gift Show this weekend

Philly!!!! We know how you Fine Folks are Filly Fanatical for Freezy Freakies, so we popped into the Philadelphia Gift Show this weekend to show off our wares. We built a museum, a walk-in closet and an art gallery into Booth 905, all to celebrate the raddest gloves of all-time. Proof is in the pudding (pics below). And get this: we have FREE STICKERS!!! The generosity is just oozing out of our booth! So if you're at this show and you don't stop by, you'll be missing out on stickers plus the raddest gloves of all-time, and that'll make us sad.  :'(

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Shipping Info for Christmas

Just thought we'd chime in with some mission-critical shipping info so you can make sure your packages arrive on-time for Christmas. tl;dr Place your order by 12pm ET on December 20th and you're golden! (more deets below) Our domestic carrier is USPS, and their official guideline is that if you ship something via First Class (i.e. our cheapest shipping service) by DECEMBER 20, it's going to make it to any lower-48 US destination before Christmas (sorry Hawaii and Alaska!). That's not a published guarantee, but we're holding them to it because they are advertising it to the world! So please have your orders placed by 12pm ET on...

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This Weekend ONLY: Pop-up Shop in Brooklyn (12/8-12/9, 12pm-5pm)

Pop-up shop in Brooklyn - this weekend only! Last year, we had THE BEST TIME meeting Freezy Freakies fans at our popup shop in Times Square (photo evidence above). Sadly that market's now gone (tears), so we decided we had to do at least one this season! So this upcoming weekend only (12/8-12/9), we're taking our act to what was arguably the capital of Freezy Freakdom back in the day: Brooklyn NY! The deets: we'll be at Parklife at 636 Degraw Street (Gowanus neighborhood), this Sat. & Sun. from 12pm-5pm. The weather is looking extra choice, the venue itself is a great indoor/outdoor bar with seriously delicious Mexican food and adult & kid beverages galore....

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Mental Floss totally gets us

If you've ever perused our About Us page and looked through the "Some press about us (#humblebrag #nbd)" section, you might have noticed a double dose of Mental Floss appearing there. Well as of today, that's now a triple dose! They just dropped this gem of an article about the kids' gloves relaunch. They previously wrote this most excellent article about the brand relaunch in 2015, and then followed it up earlier this year with this excellent piece about the brand's history. Fair to say Mental Floss knows what's up!

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Freezy Freakies makes another appearance on ABC's the Goldbergs!!!


If you're reading this blog post and you're NOT regularly watching the Goldbergs on ABC, you've got some work cut out for yourself on the binge-watching front, because this show is tailor-made for any fan of the '80s. We've seen Freezy Freakies appear on their show a number of times in the last couple years. But their most recent episode (Season 6, Ep. 2: You Got Zuko'd) might have been our favorite appearance: Adam drag-racing his wood-paneled beast of a wagon while rocking a pair of super-tough Fighter Jet Freezy Freakies. You need to start watching this show immediately! Wednesdays 8pm ET / 7pm CT on...

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