Freezy Freakies wholesale is here

Coming to a store near you!

Do you have a rad brick-and-mortar shop? Do you want it to be even radder? Well then consider this your lucky day! Beginning with the '19-'20 winter season, Freezy Freakies is finally growing up from its totally-not-at-all-true-to-the-'80s ecommerce-only setup, and we're moving into the country's raddest brick-and-mortar retail shops. 

Who are we looking for?

We've got the ecommerce side of things all squared away, so we're really just on the hunt for brick-and-mortar retail shops, like neighborhood mom-and-pops, sports stores, vintage shops, hardware stores, toy stores, shoe stores, gift shops, etc. We've had interest from such a diverse range of shops, it seems like there are lots of fun opportunities all over the place. The common criteria seems to be if it's a store that's actually fun to shop at, it's probably a good fit for Freezy Freakies. Also, if you own a claw crane machine like the one shown below, you kinda have to stock these gloves too.

Freezy Freakies x claw crane machine, match made in heaven

How do you get involved?

Just head to our Contact Us page, drop us a quick line with your name, the name of your store and a super quick description of it (or a link), and we'll get back in touch with you with all the wholesale details you need for this upcoming season.

Wholesale Interest: Contact Us Here


Wholesale orders must be in by April 30. If you're later than that, we'll likely still be able to accomodate you, but style availability may be a little restricted. Gloves will be delivered in October...plenty of time before the start of glove season.