Question: do you like discounts? 

Righteous! We do too!  

If you're into couponing, our email subscribers get the best deals when we're running limited-time promos. They also get the goods before they sell out (an annual problem for us). So...think about subscribing, would ya? Sign up here

For the inbox-sensitive folks, you can still get the great discounts below. After expanding into kids' gloves, we really wanted this to become a family/crew/tribe/party/peer affair, so these discounts are of the buy-more-save-more variety. Sharing is caring!

Discounts anyone can use

  • Buy 1 pair, get a 2nd pair for 25% off
    must use discount code at checkout: 25OFFSECONDPAIR
  • Buy 2 pairs, get a 3rd pair for 50% off
    must use discount code at checkout: BUYTWOHALFOFFTHIRD
  • Buy 3 pairs, get a 4th pair for FREE
    add any 4 pairs to your cart and discount is automatically applied (no code necessary)
  • Buy 4 pairs, get a 5th pair FREE, plus a surprise 6th pair*
    add any 5 pairs to your cart and discount is automatically applied (no discount code necessary)
  • Buy 9 pairs, get 3 more pairs FREE, plus a surprise 13th pair*
    add any 12 pairs to your cart and discount is automatically applied (no discount code necessary)

    *the surprise pair is our choice (otherwise it wouldn't be a very good surprise); also, you won't actually see the surprise pair appear in your cart or on the order confirmation, but importantly it will be delivered in your package!

    Note: the system only allows one discount per order, so unfortunately they cannot be combined. The exception is thatfree shipping will apply to any $49+ order, whether or not a discount has been applied.