Valentine's Day shipping info

US-based (g)lovers,

If you're looking to have gloves delivered in time for Valentine's Day, you have until 12pm PT on Wednesday, 2/8 to place your order and select our cheap, ground-shipping option. After then, you'll need to use our expedited shipping option to make sure they arrive on time.

Also, don't forget you can always go with a Freezy Freakies gift card if you're running really late on the gift front!

Freezy Freakies gift card

Game of Thrones Freezy Freakies

A whole bunch of folks have noticed a new pair of Freezy Freakies with the words "Winter Is Here" circulating around the internet. Yep, those are indeed Freezy Freakies we made this season for Game of Thrones, but nope, we're not selling them on this site. They're exclusively available via our friends over at the HBO store: Game of Thrones Freezy Freakies

Game of Thrones Freezy Freakies

Christmas shipping update


We just want to quickly clarify the shipping options if you're looking for gloves to be delivered before Christmas:

  • If you place your order before Wednesday morning 12/21, please select the Priority shipping option to ensure delivery before Christmas.
  • If you place your order after Wednesday morning but before Thursday afternoon 12/22, please select the Priority Express shipping option to ensure delivery before Christmas.
  • From Thursday afternoon until Christmas, the only remaining option is a Freezy Freakies Gift Card.

Shipping options can be selected on the second checkout screen. And since...

Our new checkout page is pretty cool (well, as far as checkout pages go)

Ready to nerd out about payment processor technology?

Wow. OK then, if you're still reading this I guess that means you are ready. Well, we recently switched over to a pretty sweet new checkout system called Klarna. It does 3 cool things to make checking out easier: 1) it can remember your payment details (which they keep totally secure), 2) you still have the option to use Paypal if you prefer, and 3) you may even be eligible to pay the bill later. So if you're checking out on one of these newfangled "cell phones", you don't need to fumble with your credit...

All Freezy Freakies are officially back in stock!

All Freezy Freakies are officially back in stock!

Yep. That's right. The moment you've been waiting for all summer long: the world's raddest winter gloves are now officially back in stock. All designs. All sizes. Just in time for these 100-degree days of late July.

But on a very serious note (and we are quite serious around here), you may have noticed that we have a tendency to sell out of designs/sizes mid-season. And for that we both apologize and recommend that folks make their radical glove purchases as early as possible. 

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