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Freezy Freakies 8-bit arcade style

Freezy Freakies: the brand, the myth, the legend

We grew up in the '80s, that mystical decade when Freezy Freakies gloves revolutionized the world...well, at least in the eyes of a 6 year-old. If you were like us, these gloves were the most radical gear in your life. Why? Because they were high-technology (in layman's terms, ”hi-tech”) winter gloves that were printed with awesome designs. The most critical part of the design would only reveal itself when the temperature dropped. We’re talking about designs like fighter jets and unicorns, race cars and extreme skiers. Totally gnarly stuff. At school, we made sure everyone saw us wearing them, and we actually looked forward to the cold days so we could activate the colors. To us, Freezy Freakies were a defining part of our '80s childhoods.  

Never heard of them before? For all those handwear history-buffs as well as the newcomers, here's some good web stuff to get you caught up on the most tubular invention since the dot matrix printer:

Buzzfeed - What Happened to Freezy Freakies, the Greatest Gloves of All Time?

Dinosaur Dracula - Freezy Freakies: Gloves of Glory

Childhood Relived - Who Killed the Freezy Freakies?

Note: yes, it's totally cool if you refer to these as "Freaky Freezies" instead of "Freezy Freakies". As long as we all agree that they're both freaky AND freezy, then we're cool. 

The Revival: for adults

Freezy Freakies officially came back to life in January 2015, thanks to an amazing crew of Kickstarter backers! The crowdfunding campaign proved insanely popular, was awarded a Kickstarter "Project We Love", and then needed to be effectively shut down early because the gloves had sold out. Guess we underestimated how many rad adults were out there! Here's the campaign: Freezy Freakies project on Kickstarter.

Freezy Freakies summary of 2015 Kickstarter campaign

The revival actually began a year or so earlier, following a desperate search for Freezy Freakies. That's when we realized two things: 1) Freezy Freakies had been out of production for a while, and 2) they were never even made in adult sizes. As you can see below, our thumbs were starting to get very cold.

Kids gloves don't fit

The other glove brands that survived the '80s all seemed to have matured in style, despite the fact that many of us didn't mature along with them. Totally uncool, right?! Well, the solution became clear: bring back Freezy Freakies in those same original '80s designs, add some more modern materials for comfort and warmth, and obviously make them in adult sizes for the generation that grew up with them (but never "grew up"). 

The great folks at Swany America Corp. loved the idea and let us have a crack at it. And the rest is (very recent) history!

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Warning! Freezy Freakies might make you utter the following words: awesome, fresh, cool, gnarly, bodacious, righteous, radical, tubular.

2018: kids' gloves are back too! 

Mark your calendars: 2018 was the year when kids and adults everywhere finally agreed on something: Freezy Freakies represent peak-level radness and should be worn by everyone. There's a non-zero chance Freezy Freakies could ultimately lead to the end of parent-child conflict as we know it. 

Kids and Adult size Freezy Freakies are back

Shout-out: Kickstarter folks responsible for making all of this happen

The true heroes of this movement are the original 1,396 Kickstarter backers who brought these back in 2015.  We can't thank them enough for making it happen! While some heroes chose to fly under the radar, these heroes wanted their well-deserved recognition:

Freezy Freakies Kickstarter hero list

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