Kicking off our Collabs & Custom Freezy Freakies Program

the math says custom Freezy Freakies with your brand is a head-exploding emoji

We've had lots of folks ask us over the years if we do custom Freezy Freakies. And we've even done a couple of them on the DL, but never as an official program. So today we're psyched to launch our official Collab & Custom Freezy Freakies program! 

Freezy Freakies x Vaseline

Game of Thrones x Freezy Freakies

What's a "collab" anyway? The kids tell us collabs are "custom co-branded products" and they're all the rage nowadays. So of course we're getting involved because there's nothing more current than a brand from the '80s.

Above you'll see a couple examples of custom gloves we've done previously (for GoT and Vaseline...#NBD), so yeah we've secretly been on this collab train for a while now and know what we're doing (kinda sorta). 

If you're interested in our custom Freezy Freakies program for winter '20/'21, have a look at our newly-launched Collab page for more info.

(and if you have any design-y marketing-y friends at fun brands you think should make some custom Freezy Freakies, send this along to them!)

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