Freezy Freakies x Your brand collab equation

Custom Freezy Freakies?

Lots of folks have reached out to us over the years asking if we do "collabs". So we turned to our trusty MetaCrawler and discovered they were asking about custom co-branded products. In the interest of staying current(ish), us '80s babies are now setting out a proper collab program for winter '20/'21. 

The Basics

The pricing is fairly simple (custom products are eligible for our wholesale pricing, which makes them work great as either a retail product or a promo giveaway), the minimums are fairly high (500 pairs), and there's a licensor approval process that governs which brands we're able to work with (hey, it's a kid's product, so as long as it's pretty above-board, you should be good to go). There are some other requirements and terms and whatnot, but if the terms above don't scare you off, let's chat.

A Couple Fun Ones We've Done Already

GoT x Freezy Freakies 

Game of Thrones x Freezy Freakies

Vaseline x Freezy Freakies 

Freezy Freakies x Vaseline gloves

How do you get involved?

Just head to our Contact Us page, drop us a quick line with your name, your business email, and the kind of collab you're thinking about, and we'll get back in touch with you.

Collab interest?: Contact Us Here


Orders must be finalized by April 30. We only do a single production run annually (this is what happens when you're in a hyper-seasonal business), so all collabs need to sync up with our own production timing. This also means that art should be finalized and sampling needs to be (mostly) wrapped up by that date. So the time to get moving is nigh!

Freezy Freakies question mark gloves