Anyone want some Old-School Freezy Freakies?

Mid-winter treat here! We recently uncovered a small stash of original-era Freezy Freakies. These mittens come from the final production run by our friends at Swany in the mid-'00s.  And now we're releasing them to anyone interested in a piece of Freezy history!

Freezy Freakies Swany stash

All are size Kids Small (6-8) and come in two designs: Dinosaur and Snowboards (see pics below). Some have a nylon shell and others have a fleece shell in a variety of colors (dark blue, gray, black and red). It's definitely a mixed assortment, so I guess that makes each of them "rare", in case you're counting.

In terms of functionality, they're all brand new, tagged and perfectly wearable, warm and waterproof. Most importantly, the color-changing ink still works great! 

Pricing-wise, it's the same as our current kids gloves: $29. If you want a pair of these rare historical artifacts, just send us an email or message us on social media and we'll let you know which specific designs and colors are still available (we only have a few of each), then we'll send you an invoice and ship you an important piece of history right to your door.

To snag a pair, send us a note through our Contact Us page.


Snowboards Freezy Freakies mittens from the Swany eraDinosaur Freezy Freakies mittens from the Swany era

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