Wholesale launches this fall! Rad retailers: reach out for deets to get involved in this inaugural launch.

Are Freezy Freakies coming to a store (like an actual store) near you? 

It's great selling rad gloves on this rad website and it's fun meeting rad folks at our rad pop-ups. But next season we're adding rad retailers, as in, like, actual stores with shelves and cash registers and stuff! Our inaugural wholesale program kicks off this upcoming fall, and we're on the hunt for the raddest stores in the nation.

For this fall's launch, we've already got a great roster lined up from all the folks who reached out over the past few years, but we want these gloves in every last rad store out there. So just give a heads-up to your fave local shop (think classic, fun, creative shops which are actually fun to shop at and that you secretly hope make like three gazillion dollars because they're that awesome) and tell them to just head to our Wholesale page and drop us a line so we can follow up with all the deets. 

Freezy Freakies Wholesale page

Freezy Freakies and a Crane Claw Machine

Freezy Freakies are ideally situated next to your store's Claw Crane Machine. Obviously.

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