Last call for gloves until this fall! This store will start hibernating in May.

Freezy Freakies will be hibernating this summer

May 1 - This store hibernates for the summer.

Most of our styles ended up selling out again this winter because you folks are Freaking rad. Instead of disappointing all you rad visitors with a totally-unrad, slim-pickings storefront, we'll be taking this store offline on May 1 for some much-needed R&R over the summer until we can replenish our stock.

So consider this the last call to get your Freezy Freak on this spring! Don't worry, we'll be back in the fall with everything in stock and some brand-new (old) gear too. 

Pro tip: since we seem to be the selling-out types, consider signing up for our email blasts if you want first dibs and discounts! Sign up here

In the meantime, scoop up whatever gloves you can find before the end of April.

But we're still here to help!

Our store might be hibernating, but we won't be. If you need anything, just drop us a line here. And we'll still be taking orders and setting up new accounts for our inaugural wholesale program, so don't hesitate to reach out!

Thanks for another Freakily amazing season. Only 240 more days until winter is finally back!!

<3 The Freezy Freakies Team
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