Wanna see the original Freezy Freakies? We'll be posting pics of them all October long!

Freezy Freakies Stoop Series Originals Banner

As you might imagine, we've collected a pretty choice little stash of original '80s-era Freezy Freakies. And while the collection is nowhere near exhaustive since Swany made hundreds of different designs back in the heyday (some of which are almost certainly lost forever!), it's still a pretty solid collection, and now we're going to share it all with you. Just follow our Instagram or Facebook accounts (@FreezyFreakies) for all the goodness. More details below, and hope you enjoy!

Coming at you in October: Stoop Series Originals!

Time to get all warmed up (read: cooled down) for the upcoming Freezy Freakies season! Each day for the month of October, we'll be posting a pic of some classic old school Freezy Freakies hanging out on a Brooklyn stoop waiting for winter to arrive. We're hoping these old ones jog a few memories! You can check em all out on either our Facebook or Instagram pages.

(and hey, we're always taking submissions in case you wanna dig out your old school Freezy Freakies and take a pic and tag us in a post or email it to us😁)

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