We're baaaack! Some of our sold-out gloves are back in very limited quantities.

Another year of you Freezy Freaks cleaning us out of a bunch of our gear again! Sorry to anyone who missed out on a certain pair that their color-changing heart desired (we're looking at you Robot, Fighter Jet, and Unicorn). Maybe/possibly/hopefully we can make it through next winter without it happening again.

But for this season, some most excellent news for you all... as a byproduct of our righteous free size exchange policy, we received back some limited stock in certain styles and sizes that were previously sold-out. And after taking care of our super-secret waitlisters*, we've released the remainder onto the world. Some of this stuff didn't even make it past 2018, so scoop them up now. All of it has been released in our store, and yes, we even have some Fighter Jet gloves! 

Eventually we'll be able to survive the winter without selling out. Until then, please sign up for the raddest email list on the internet where you'll get first dibs on our new gear and discounts too. 

*super-secret waitlist? Yep, that's a thing. Anyone bold enough to write us an email asking for a certain sold-out style gets first dibs when it comes back in-stock. Good thing you read this far down! 

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