We're at the Philadelphia Gift Show this weekend

Philly!!!! We know how you Fine Folks are Filly Fanatical for Freezy Freakies, so we popped into the Philadelphia Gift Show this weekend to show off our wares. We built a museum, a walk-in closet and an art gallery into Booth 905, all to celebrate the raddest gloves of all-time. Proof is in the pudding (pics below).

And get this: we have FREE STICKERS!!! The generosity is just oozing out of our booth!

So if you're at this show and you don't stop by, you'll be missing out on stickers plus the raddest gloves of all-time, and that'll make us sad.  :'(

Freezy Freakies old gloves museum

Freezy Freakies walk-in closet

Freezy Freakies art gallery

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