Shipping Info for Christmas

Just thought we'd chime in with some mission-critical shipping info so you can make sure your packages arrive on-time for Christmas. tl;dr Place your order by 12pm ET on December 20th and you're golden! (more deets below)

Our domestic carrier is USPS, and their official guideline is that if you ship something via First Class (i.e. our cheapest shipping service) by DECEMBER 20, it's going to make it to any lower-48 US destination before Christmas (sorry Hawaii and Alaska!). That's not a published guarantee, but we're holding them to it because they are advertising it to the world! So please have your orders placed by 12pm ET on December 20 and select our cheapest shipping service.

If you need it to arrive by a date earlier than Christmas Eve, just note that USPS guides folks to expect 3 business days for First Class packages, and work backwards from there. 

If you absolutely positively cannot have a late arrival though, your best bet is to pay a bit more for our USPS Priority shipping option. That'll definitely get there by Christmas Eve (and we're happy to guarantee that), assuming you order by noon on December 20.  

After 12pm on December 20: Still definitely do-able, but things get a little pricier. You've got until 12pm ET on Saturday, December 22 to place an order with our priciest USPS Priority Express service. FYI for NYCers: this may also come in the form of our local NYC elf delivering it directly to your door. There's no premium (or discount) for that elf service. But after December 22, he returns to the North Pole to help Santa.

After 12pm on December 22: Freezy Freakies gift cards to the rescue! For convenience, we've chosen gift card amounts that correspond to the number of pairs of our gloves that you're likely to gift. Plus, all of the amounts shown will cover the US shipping costs.  

As always, feel free to send us an email if you have any shipping questions. We do our best to be very quick on the responses this time of year!

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