Freezy Freakies Scrunchies Now Available


Scrunchies x Freezy Freakies

Freezy Freakies is getting into the hair business (sort of)

Only three things in life are certain:

  • Freezy Freakies are pretty rad
  • Scrunchies are pretty rad
  • Free things are pretty rad

So we're combining all three into this pretty rad3 Free Freezy Freakies Scrunchies promo, now through Cyber Monday 11/29.

In addition to the normal free pair of gloves that's always included as part of our season-long Buy 3 Get 1 Free deal, we're also throwing in a limited-edition Freezy Freakies scrunchie. Eeeek! OMG!!!! 

So like, what does this scrunchie even look like?

Great question! Since our samples went missing somewhere in the shipping ether, we've turned to our trusty Apple IIGS to churn out one incredibly lifelike mockup for you:

Freezy Freakies scrunchie kind of looks like this

So yeah, basically bright turquoise fabric and a bunch of Freezy Freakies logos. You get the idea...raddest scrunchie ever.

Here's how to get in on this radness: No codes or any action needed on your part. The Buy 3 Get 1 Free deal happens automatically when you've got 4 pairs in your cart, and then the scrunchie will be added as an additional free gift to every qualifying order. So don't stress it! If you've checked out successfully with 4 or more pairs from now through 11/29, your scrunchie is coming (later...see below)!

One catch vis-à-vis scrunchie timing: these are truly limited-edition scrunchies! We have no idea how many to produce until this promo ends, so these scrunchies will ship out separately to you after the new year. Don't worry, your gloves will not be delayed and they will still ship out immediately.   

Get shopping here: Freezy Freakies | Winter '21-'22 Collection

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