We're Restocked and Ready!


Freezy Freakies gloves are restocked for winter '21-22

Dear Rad Readers,

Freezy Freakies are officially restocked and ready for ya! Thanks for your patience throughout our much-needed 7+ months-long hibernation. 

Freezy Freakies I Love Snow glove

New (old?) for this season

I spy with my little eye....

So what's new is basically hearts...and a whole lot of 'em.

What's not new this season?

Even though it seems like everyone else has gone ahead and jacked up their prices on us, we're still sticking with the same prices and big discounts and free shipping setup as last year. Call us traditionalists.

In terms of our new (old) glove lineup, of course we restocked the greatest hits. Here's the rest of the world's raddest glove lineup for '21-'22:Freezy Freakies gloves returning for winter '21-'22

(sorry mitten lovers...none this year)

Pumped to be back and getting rad with you again this winter!

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