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Not gonna lie, last holiday season was paaaaainful. The Freezy Freakies world got hit with a fistful of Shipageddon, and there were a number of folks whose Christmases we ruined who wanted to hit us with a fistful of actual fists. And despite it all, we managed to persevere and make it to this holiday season! Phew! #smallwins

That brings us to this year's inevitable Shipageddon 2.0 v2 Part Deux...

This holiday season we've (hopefully) learned our lesson and find ourselves better prepared. We'll begin with the best and only advice we can muster: please please please don't wait! 

Standard Shipping option

Need it before Christmas? Order by Sunday 12/12 and select the standard USPS shipping option (including the free shipping option for orders of $49+). We'll make sure to get the gloves delivered to you in time for Christmas.  

Our standard class of shipping is USPS First Class, and it costs $5 for one pair of gloves and is free for orders of $49+. Our warehouse is currently shipping the vast majority of packages in 0-2 business days. USPS is then delivering the vast majority of those First Class packages in 2-4 business days. Math majors that we are, the chances appear to be really good that you'll receive your package within a weekish. That is, IF YOU ORDER NOW. You can do so with this link: Buy Gloves Now

Expedited Shipping option

A faster shippIng option will be available for the holidays (until 12/21): FedEx Overnight. It costs a flat rate of $19 per order (i.e. it's the same $19 charge regardless of order size). In our experience, the timing for this class of shipping occasionally slips to the second business day, which is why we indicate a delivery window of 1-2 business days. And please remember that this is 1-2 business days from when the order ships, not when the order is placed. Our warehouse still needs 0-2 business days to process the order. 

For more shipping details, please see our Freezy Freakies Shipping Info Page  

Helpful anecdote about timing from last year

If you ordered during the first week of December, the package might have been delayed a tad, but it almost certainly arrived well in advance of Christmas. If you ordered during the second week of December, your chances of it arriving before Christmas dropped to about 50%. If you ordered any later...90% chance it wasn't coming until after the new year.

Time's a-wastin'! Go get the raddest gloves ever because trust us they look a whole lot better on your hands than they do on the bottom of a towering pile of packages.

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