Black Friday Promo Details (11/17-11/27)

Freezy Freakies Black Friday holiday promo: Buy 4 get 1 free plus free fanny pack, 2 free infinity tools and stickers

It's holiday promo time, and we outdid ourselves this year!

First of all, we have season-long discounts on any purchase of 2+ pairs: Discounts page

But beginning Friday 11/17 and going through Cyber Monday 11/27 (or earlier, if supplies run out), when you buy 4 pairs of Freezy Freakies, you get loaded up with all these special freebies:

  • 1 Free Pair of Freezy Freakies
  • 2 Free Infinity Tools
  • 1 Free Very Pink Fanny Pack

(FYI this means your cart needs to contain 5 pairs in order to be eligible)

Freezy Freakies: Buy 4 Pairs of gloves, Get 1 Free pair plus a free fanny pack plus 2 free Infinity Tools

Question 1: How do you get in on this promo?

Just load up 5 pairs in your cart and complete checkout by Mon. 11/27. That's it. We'll automatically include the fanny pack and two Infinity Tools in your package. And of course, we'll also be including the free pair of gloves you'd normally get with any purchase of 4+ pairs. All of this freebie stuff happens discount codes needed. 

Question 2: Who Needs a Pink Fanny Pack?
Answer: Everyone. Duh.  

This fanny pack can carry a pair of Freezy Freakies, two MODL Infinity Tools and multiple stickers and/or pogs which is pretty much everything you need in the real world. Plus it's, really pink. And shiny too! And oh by the way, it will change your life...

Remember the incredible Infinity Tool? It's back.  

We introduced the world to the neon-pink Infinity Tool last year. Folks liked it, so it's back once again. This strap is the best invention since the joystick. Our friends at MODL Outdoors custom-built neon pink versions for all us Freezy Freaks. Click here to see why they're so rad: About the Neon Pink Infinity Tool

Galaxy Freezy Freakies and a neon pink Infinity Tool

More holiday discounts below  

If you're going a bit on the smaller side, we have a bunch of other discount tiers available:

  • Buy 1, Get 1 @ 25% off + Free Shipping | code: 25OFFSECONDPAIR
  • Buy 2, Get 1 @ 50% off + Free Shipping | code: BUYTWOHALFOFFTHIRD
  • Buy 3, Get 1 Free + Free Shipping | automatically applied at checkout
  • Buy 4, Get 1 Free + 2 Free Infinity Tools + Free Fanny Pack + Free Shipping | automatically applied at checkout, 11/17-11/27 only

And in case supplies do run out, we'll make an announcement here on our website, Facebook and Instagram

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