Holiday promo details (11/18-11/28)

Super rad holiday promo deets

We've got a bunch of discount tiers (plus a new one!) that make those Freezy Freakies gifts even more of a no-brainer:

  • Buy 1, Get 1 @ 25% off (code 25OFFSECONDPAIR)
  • Buy 2, Get 1 @ 50% off (code BUYTWOHALFOFFTHIRD)
  • Buy 3, Get 1 Free (automatically applied at checkout)
  • NEW! Buy 4, Get 1 Free + 2 Free Neon Pink Infinity Tools (automatically applied at checkout, 11/18-11/28)

Neon pink Infinity Tools by MODL x Freezy Freakies

How do you get in on this Infinity Tool promo?

Just load up 5 pairs in your cart and complete checkout by Mon. 11/28. That's it. We'll automatically include two of these neon-pink Infinity Tools in your package. And of course, we'll also be including the free pair of gloves you'd normally get with any purchase of 4+ pairs. All of this freebie stuff happens discount codes needed. 

tl;dr for the math whizzes:
Buy 4 Pairs + Get 1 Free Pair + Get 2 Free Neon-Pink Infinity Tools = 1 Supremely Gnarly (and also useful) Holiday Promo 

tl;dr for the visual learners:Pairs of Freezy Freakies with a pair of neon-pink Infinity Tools on top

Neon Pink Whozeewhatsit?  

This innocuous-looking neon pink strap (code name Infinity Tool) hides a very big secret: it's the best invention since the joystick. We had our friends at MODL Outdoors custom-build these neon pink versions for all of us Freezy Freaks. See why we love these things so much: About the Neon Pink Infinity Tool

We put it through the '80s ringer and it came out unscathed:

Get shopping here: Freezy Freakies | Winter '22-'23 Collection

Galaxy Freezy Freakies and custom neon pink MODL Infinity Tool

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