About that neon pink strap from our holiday promo


 Neon pink Infinity Tools by MODL x Freezy Freakies

Infinity Tool holiday promo

The Infinity Tool might be the most useful invention since the joystick.

For this year's holiday promo (Buy 4 Pairs + Get 1 Free Pair + 2 Free Neon-Pink Infinity Tools), we had our friends at MODL Outdoors take their infinitely useful strap and custom-build them for us in neon pink (obviously).

Just load up any 5 pairs in your cart and check out by Mon. 11/28, and two of these custom neon-pink straps will be headed your way, along with the world's raddest gloves. More promo info here: Infinity Tool holiday promo

So what exactly does this strap do?

We did some back-of-the-envelope calculations, and it turns out these straps have exactly infinity different uses. For some of the more practical, modern-day applications, you can check out MODL's website (www.MODLoutdoors.com/products/infinity-tool) or scroll to the bottom for their helpful video. 

For us, the biggest question was how well these straps could stand up to the everyday rigors of being totally rad in the '80s. So we did some testing, and the Infinity Tools passed the test with flying neon colors. Watch below:


For a less snarky, more earnest take on all the useful stuff you can do with the Infinity Tool, here's a video from MODL Outdoors:

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