The Black Friday Dealio: offering up a piece of Freezy Freakies history

Update (Dec. 2 @ 5:37pm ET): This promo offer is now over, since we have officially run out of gloves from our old school stash.  

We offer deals galore all winter long. If you haven't checked out our Discounts page, please start there. Our discounts range from free shipping to free pairs of gloves, depending on how big you go. 

But for this Black Friday we're offering a pretty fun, totally unique deal. Earlier this year we scored a pretty big stash of Freezy Freakies from Swany's final production run (i.e. the last set of "old school" Freezy Freakies ever made). We'd initially offered them up to our followers for a limited time, and now we're offering all the remaining pairs as part of this Black Friday deal. 

Freezy Freakies Black Friday deal buy 4 get 1 normal pair free plus one old school pair free

So what's the deal?

We're adding an additional level to our usual Discounts

When you buy 4 "Normal" pairs, you'll now get:

  • 1 FREE "Normal" pair, PLUS
  • 1 FREE Swany-Era Collector's pair (either the "Dinosaur" or "Snowboards" style)

Old school Freezy Freakies Dinosaur mittens


Old school Freezy Freakies Snowboard mittens

The fine print

How to Score this Deal
This deal is easy to get, since it's automatic. No discount codes or special links or anything fancy required. As long as you've got 5 of our "Normal" pairs in your cart when you check out, you'll notice that one of those 5 will already be for free, plus we'll be adding a sixth old school Swany pair to your order for free. Basically, all you need to do to get that sixth old school pair is make sure you check out with 5 pairs of gloves in your cart.

Limited Time + Limited Availability
Once you've placed an eligible order, we'll email you to find out which old school gloves you prefer out of whatever remains from our stash. So the earlier you act, the more choices available to you. And of course this deal is only good until we've run out. This stash is limited, and once they're gone, they're really gone! But we're hoping we've got enough to last us until at least Cyber Monday. 

About the Gloves in the Stash
They're all mittens. They've all still got their original tags attached. They're all size Kids Small (6-8). They all still change color in the color and are otherwise totally functional gloves. They come in two designs: Snowboards and Dinosaur. There are two different types of outer shell materials: nylon and fleece. And they come in a variety of colors. Definitely an assorted grab bag of rareties! 

The special 6th pair will be sent separately from the "Normal" 5 pairs. So it may arrive in a package earlier or later than the others!  

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