Gloves are back in stock! And this year we're introducing 2 new (old) designs.

Our summer hibernation has offically come to an end, we've officially restocked the raddest glove store ever. Thanks for being patient! 

You may recall that 2019 undoubtedly represented our raddest glove lineup to date. But...

Freezy Freakies world's raddest glove linup since 2019

This year, the radness meter has cranked all the way up to 11 with these two classics we've brought back for 2020:

Slap Shot

This must have been a seriously popular one back in the day, because hockey fans have been asking for it ever since we brought Freezy Freakies back. Instead of dropping the gloves and going skate-to-skate with some hockey fans, we gave in and brought the glove back. But not before we added a few artistic touches to the design to give it a little more pop (the old one needed it). See Slap Shot 

 Slap Shot hockey Freezy Freakies winter gloves



The Empress glove represents the pure, classic, unadulterated Freezy Freakies art movement at its finest. We always knew we'd bring this design eventually. I mean, just look at that could we not?! 

Empress princess queen Freezy Freakies color-changing gloves   


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