Last call for Christmas Shipping: midnight 12/14

Last call for Freezy Freakies for Christmas shipping

Order by Midnight 12/14 for a Christmas Arrival 

Not gonna sugarcoat it. The shipping situation right now is a little crazy (guessing you've noticed???). On top of that, we're also starting to run low on gloves!

So this year we're going out waaaayyyy earlier than usual with this Last Call for Xmas Shipping!!!!

Please please PLEASE get those orders in by midnight tonight (Monday 12/14). We fully expect/plan/hope any packages ordered by then to arrive by Christmas.

And what about orders placed after Dec. 14?

We actually expect most of the gloves we ship later this week to also arrive in-time for Christmas. And that reflects USPS' guidance as well...they're saying we just need to ship by Dec. 18, which means you'd need to order by Thursday Dec. 17. But this year that's a pretty risky strategy based on what we've seen so far, so we really wouldn't want you to rely on it. 

Our internal goal for Christmases-ruined this year is 5 or fewer, so hopefully this year's early "Last Call" might actually help us hit it for a change!

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