Ski Alpine Freezy Freakies gloves for adults
Ski Alpine Freezy Freakies gloves warm cold comparison
Ski Alpine Freezy Freakies gloves front and back
Ski Alpine Freezy Freakies have a skier appear in the cold
Ski Alpiners bummed about the Freezy Freakies-unfriendly beach weather
Ski Alpine Freezy Freakies gloves are perfect for bushwacking through the Christmas tree lot
Ski Alpine Freezy Freakies gloves go great with your monoski
Ski Alpine Freezy Freakies gloves can be used while knitting...we guess
Hooray for Ski Alpine Freezy Freakies
Ski Alpine Freezy Freakies for kids and adults

"Ski Alpine" Freezy Freakies

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Some totally-clutch bro is going full-send with that wicked spread-eagle in the background as he tries to race a far more capable lady down the hill. Not pictured: his epic yard sale 2 seconds later followed by a free tobaggon ride to the base, courtesy of the guys with white crosses on their jackets. Totally worth it.
  • Water-resistant fabric color: Party Pink
  • Super-soft microfleece lining: as nice on the inside as the outside
  • Totally gnarly midlayer: according to our lab technicians, the insulating midlayer makes the glove warm and (in science speak) “mad snuggly”  
  • Contents: front shell: polyamide; back shell and palm patch: polyurethane, polyester; interlining and lining: polyester
  • Imported
  • Available in kid & adult sizes: see our website's Sizing Guide link
  • FREE SIZE EXCHANGES: see our Shipping Info
  • FREE U.S. SHIPPING ON ORDERS OF $49+: see our Shipping Info
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Our Freezy Freakies run on a unisex sizing system. There's one system for kids' gloves (age-based), and a different system for adults (length-based). We have a great free size exchange policy in case they don't fit, so don't go totally mental trying to get it perfect.

Kid sizes: age-based

Parents always know best! So for kids' sizes, we've stuck to the standard age-based sizing system that folks are accustomed to. It's generally worked well so far, since Moms and Dads usually know if they should be going up or down a size. And again, we do have a free exchange policy if you need to swap sizes.

  • Kids' Small: 5-7 years old
  • Kids' Medium: 7-9 years old
  • Kids' Large: 10-12 years old*

*adults too small for our Adult Small should fit a Kids' Large; and vice versa, "tweens" with adult-sized hands could fit an Adult Small or even Medium!

Adult sizes: length-based

There are 3 different methods to estimate your size (and don't forget we have a great size exchange policy in case they don't fit):

1) "Totally Wing-It" method (i.e. guessing without measuring)

  • Women: Most women's hands fit in Adult Small or Medium sizes. If your hands tend to be much smaller than most women though, the Kids' Large size is akin to an Adult Extra Small and you should go with that. If your hands tend to be larger than most women, go with a Medium. If you think they're fairly normal-sized, go with a Small.
  • Men: Most men's hands fit in our Adult Medium, Large or X-Large sizes. If your hands tend to be smaller than most men, you'll likely be a Medium. If your hands tend to be larger than most men, you'll likely be an X-Large. If your hands are fairly normal-sized, go with an Adult Large.

2) Printer method

If you have a printer, then print our drop-dead gorgeous PDF sizing guide to quickly find the correct size. When you print, just make sure you select the option to print at Actual Size (i.e. make sure the "Shrink" or "Fit to Page" options are not selected). And have a look at this less-than-gorgeous palm placement photo to help demonstrate exactly where your palm should be placed on your printed sheet. Note: if you find your measurement is right in between two sizes, we suggest the smaller of the two.

3) "What's a Printer?" method

  1. Grab a pen, a ruler and a sheet of paper.
  2. Put the paper down on a table, and place your hand flat on top of it.  Adjust your hand's position so that the base of your palm runs precisely along the edge of the paper. You should barely be able to see the edge of the paper when viewed from the side, so please make sure your palm is not covering the edge of the paper. See this photo for an example of correct palm placement.
  3. Using the pen, place a mark on the paper where your middle finger ends.
  4. Use the ruler to measure the distance from the edge of the paper to the mark.
  5. Use your measurement to select your size from the table below (and if you are borderline, we suggest the smaller of the two sizes):

Freezy Freakies for adults hand length table


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