The bots are taking over!!


Our robot is ALIVE!!!¬†ūü§Ėūüė≤

Things have gotten crazy here at Freezy Freakies HQ. It all started with our Robot gloves. That little Robot outgrew our gloves, developed a mind of its own, and now it lives inside this very website!

See that little blue Messenger button in the bottom right of our website? That's our new chatbot. It'll help you shop. Seriously, give it a try! It's got a good idea of what we have in-stock, can answer some common questions and even sign you up to be the first to know when something you want is back in-stock. Oh, and it's got jokes too (one of which is actually funny)! See if you can get it to tell you one.

Our friends at ChatDynamo helped us create it. They've set up a bunch of these bots for ecommerce stores, so if you're interested, hit their website and start chatting with their own bot or even a real, live human:


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