Our new checkout page is pretty cool (well, as far as checkout pages go)


Ready to nerd out about payment processor technology?

Wow. OK then, if you're still reading this I guess that means you are ready. Well, we recently switched over to a pretty sweet new checkout system called Klarna. It does 3 cool things to make checking out easier: 1) it can remember your payment details (which they keep totally secure), 2) you still have the option to use Paypal if you prefer, and 3) you may even be eligible to pay the bill later. So if you're checking out on one of these newfangled "cell phones", you don't need to fumble with your credit card and mistype numbers. We'll just send you your order without delay, and Klarna will email you an invoice that you just need to pay within 14 days after shipping, whenever it's easiest for you...like when you're at a real computer with a keyboard, assuming you still own one of those. You don't have to set up an account. You just pay after your item is shipped. Oh, and some folks may not actually receive that pay after shipping option, since eligibility is determined by Klarna's little magic genies. And we have no idea how magic genies work. We only know how magic unicorns work.

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