Introducing our newest (old) glove: BMX

Those BMX classics are back again!

BMX biking really came into its own in the '80s. Popping wheelies, hitting makeshift wooden ramps to catch 8-10 inches of air, riding on each other's pegs, and if you were really really really good, showing off that mediocre bunny-hop whenever your friends were watching.

The coolest of the cool kids rode in the winter too. And the coolest of the coolest of the cool kids? Of course they were wearing the raddest winter biking glove ever created. 

So we're super-duper pumped to (re)introduce our #1 most requested new (old) design: BMX Freezy Freakies!

This is another glove we brought back based on crowd input, so thanks to everyone who suggested it. As always, keep the good ideas coming our way! You can email us anytime right from our Contact Us page.

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