Freezy Freakies makes another appearance on ABC's the Goldbergs!!!


If you're reading this blog post and you're NOT regularly watching the Goldbergs on ABC, you've got some work cut out for yourself on the binge-watching front, because this show is tailor-made for any fan of the '80s. We've seen Freezy Freakies appear on their show a number of times in the last couple years. But their most recent episode (Season 6, Ep. 2: You Got Zuko'd) might have been our favorite appearance: Adam drag-racing his wood-paneled beast of a wagon while rocking a pair of super-tough Fighter Jet Freezy Freakies. You need to start watching this show immediately! Wednesdays 8pm ET / 7pm CT on ABC. 

And here's a link to the epsiode page (sadly, this particular episode is no longer streamable here, but it is on Hulu):

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