Ski Alpine gloves are $5 off for Gaper Day!!

We're big fans of Gaper Day. Actually, we believe that Gaper Day should become a weekly or even daily event. So until Friday 3/25, we're honoring this currently-annual tradition by taking $5 off the unofficial glove of Gaper Day: Ski Alpine Freezy Freakies

Wondering what Gaper Day is? We've got answers...

Gaper Day (aka the less-inventive nickname "Closing Day") is the one day every ski season where you'll find a whole lot of people dressed in '80s gear and celebrating skiing's greatest decade. While we stand by our belief that every day should be Gaper Day, we're also glad the non-believers have a day to celebrate along with us. Almost every resort celebrates this unofficial holiday in some form or another. It's all about maximizing your steez by grabbing that onesie, dusting off your straight skis (or better yet your monoski) so you can try your hand at ski dancing, do some pond-skimming, and fearlessly attempt the two greatest tricks of the '80s: the daffy and the spread eagle

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