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Freezy Freakies are made in both kid and adult sizes using a unisex sizing system. This means the adult sizes do not map perfectly onto the traditional men vs. women sizing system that you might be accustomed to with other gloves. Please have a look at our Sizing Guide to help you get it right.

And remember that we have a great free size exchange policy if the gloves don't fit, so don't go totally mental trying to make it perfect!

No need to stress out trying to get the sizing perfect! In case our Sizing Guide doesn't get it quite right, we also have a free size exchange policy that will help you get the perfect size. 

For more about our Return policy, please refer to the following link: Freezy Freakies Return Policy

We typically offer only a single class of shipping service domestically, and USPS is the carrier for those packages. The shipping cost is free for orders over $49, and $5 for orders under $49. Click here for more Shipping Info

During the busy holiday shipping period, we will also begin to offer expedited services by other carriers for an additional charge. If you're only seeing a single class of service at checkout, then those expedited services have not yet been made available.    

As of Oct. '23, we're only shipping to the US and Canada. For more on our shipping policies, please see our Shipping Info page.

Your best bet with any winter gloves like ours is to hand-wash them with mild (neutral pH, e.g. Tide) detergent, and then hang/line dry. Some folks do machine-wash them, but we don't recommend that since it has a tendency to strip some of the water-repellent coating from the outer shell's fabric. Otherwise, the inks should generally be safe in a washing machine, but again, you must use a neutral pH detergent. As for drying, you definitely want to hang/line dry and never put them in the dryer (that will destroy the microfleece lining and make it really "pilly").   

If your order was placed recently and hasn't shipped yet, we might be able to grab it for you before it ships. Just shoot us a note through our Contact Us page and let us know your order number and we'll see if we can either swap it out or pull it from the shipping queue.

We sell out of stuff every year, usually before winter even starts! But don't despair, there are two things you can do in this case:

1) Shoot us an email through our Contact Us page and let us know which sold-out pair you're interested in (style and size), and we'll put you on our super-double-top-secret waitlist. We're usually able to accomodate folks in the new year once the holidays have finished up.

2) Sign up for the World's Raddest Email List.  Subscribers get first dibs on all our product releases (plus exclusive discounts!), and that list is the first place we announce everything.

Nope! These things are pure '80s through and through, so they'll only operate a rotary phone.

Putting on our serious hat for the moment, touchscreen-friendly fingertips on bulky multi-layer winter gloves like ours actually happen to be incredibly touchscreen-unfriendly. We experimented with prototypes that incorporated that fabric, and we found it impossible to use just about any function on the phone. Since there's no point in frustrating folks, we did without the touchscreen-"friendly" fingertips! 

We gave the materials of the gloves a serious upgrade from the versions you remember from the '80s (those had a reputation for getting soaked pretty easily). Freezy Freakies are now built with water-resistant outershells (meaning they repel water away from the surface), and they tend to remain dry unless exposed for a prolonged period to snow or rain. The gloves are not technically classified as "waterproof" though, since that's the domain of a proper ski glove with a Gore Tex or similar membrane. 

Our Instagram feed will be your best resource, particularly in summer 2023 when we did a whole series of posts featuring some of the original gloves. If you own an old glove that hasn't yet shown up in our feed, please take a pic of it and send it to us so we can post it!

Same name as it's always been: Freezy Freakies! Of course we'd never change that amazing name. 

Thanks to Google's stats, we now know that about one-third of folks called them "Freaky Freezies" back in the day (and there are even a few folks who referred to them as "Freezer Freakers"). Some even swear that was the correct name and are convinced it's further proof of the Mandela Effect

Technically speaking, "Freezy Freakies" has always been the official name since the first color-changing glove was sold in 1980. But if you ask us, as long we're all in agreement that these gloves are both freaky AND freezy, you can call them whatever you want!

Sure do! Please see our wholesale page for more info.

We used to have a custom glove business and loved those partnerships! So fun creating new stuff.

Unfortunately, covid-era leadtimes and manufacturing difficulties have made client business essentially impossible. If things normalize in the future, we'll bring this custom program back. But for the time being, our custom glove business will need to remain on hold.

Nothing lasts forever! The color-changing effect can last for years, as long as the gloves are not exposed to acids, solvents or other harsh chemicals. Additionally, sunlight's UV rays will eventually overpower the ink and cause it to lose its color-changing effect. So please don't store the gloves in direct sunlight!

Unfortunately there's no way to reverse the process once it loses its color-changing effect, and we're unable to replace gloves that have started to lose their effect (unless it was an obvious defect in manufacturing of course). 

Happy to help! Just send us an email through our Contact Us page