Freezy Freakies are back!!!

Those color-changing gloves from the '80s have officially returned!

The original Freezy Freakies designs are now available in adult sizes for the first time ever, thanks to an amazing crew of almost 1400 backers of our Kickstarter campaign.

Never heard of them before? Basically, Freezy Freakies were winter gloves with rad designs that changed color when it was cold outside. For all those handwear history-buffs as well as the newcomers looking to do a deeper dive, here's some good web stuff to get you caught up:

Buzzfeed - What Happened to Freezy Freakies, the Greatest Gloves of All Time?

Dinosaur Dracula - Freezy Freakies: Gloves of Glory

Childhood Relived - Who Killed the Freezy Freakies?

And yes, it's totally cool if you refer to these as "Freaky Freezies" instead of "Freezy Freakies". As long as we all agree that they're both freaky AND freezy, then we're cool.

Warning! Freezy Freakies might make you utter the following words: awesome, fresh, cool, gnarly, bodacious, righteous, radical, tubular.

Freezy Freakies plus a monoski